ok no but what if steve gets a call while he and sam and maybe natasha are searching for bucky and it’s the museum

"look, captain rogers, we dont want to start any trouble or anything but…"


"but we really must ask- did you take sergeant barnes’ uniform recently?"


do u ever see someone think a character is straight and just laugh to yourself b/c that character is so not straight


The Maze Runner made more than $81.5 million worldwide and is the #1 movie in the world right now!

Anonymous: "YOU CHANGED YOUR ICON I DIDN'T RECOGNISE YOU GAH (but Clint is a BAMF so its okay)"

aw, sorry, sweet! i needed an icon change and i do adore clint a lot so it had to be done.

09-22 / 9:29
  • girl: what are you doing?
  • boy: something i should have done a long time ago




Koalas having an argument.

if you have never heard a koala noise before, here is yr chance

they sound like fuzzy bike horns