when u excited about something and ur friend isntimage


dean + smiling at cas with his adorable lil’ teeth (◕‿◕✿)


Doctor who countdown meme 
↳ 26 days till who: Favourite episode - The Day of the Doctor 50th anniversary special

3/50 reasons i’m an emotional wreck because of destiel

“Sophie Turner confirms in an interview with The Wrap that she starts filming Wednesday in Belfast, where all her shooting with occur this year. She revealed that Sansa will be playing on her sexuality to manipulate Littlefinger in season 5” — (via sansasnark)




What if the third key is someone who isn’t dead… but will be.

Stiles looks so done with this shit

Stiles looks ready to go nogitsune on someone’s ass, to be honest.

he is and i feel sorry for whoever is behind this because he’s about to go primal on their ass


There is a difference between:

a queer character whose story doesn’t revolve around them being queer


a queer character whose story completely ignores the fact that they are queer


Do you ever want to talk to someone but

1) You feel like you’re bothering them or coming off clingy
2) You don’t have anything to say, you just want to talk to them
3) You don’t know how to hold a conversation to save your life 


Merlin tumblr style // inspired by (x&x)